David Leon

Can You Sue Yourself?

Architect and resort owner Addison Mizner once said: “Where there’s a will, there’s a lawsuit.”He couldn’t have been more right. America has long been seen as the litigation capital of the world. While that title is up for debate, (check out this article for some context) there is no shortage of absurd and frivolous lawsuits …

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How to Write a Police Report

This is a vital skill for police officers and security guards to master. It is a detailed account of the facts of an incident that has occurred in your presence. No personal opinions should be involved, it must be a dispassionate collection of the facts of the matter.FormattingDifferent departments will have different ways in which they …

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What Does Deposed Mean?

If you’re a manager of a business, then there’s one phone call that you’ll be dreading. Your employee has been involved in an accident at work and, even though they’ve not been seriously hurt, they have informed you that you can expect a lawsuit to follow closely behind.This is where a deposition comes in. A …

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