How Much Is A Ticket For Texting And Driving?

First things first, we’re not here to judge, but… come on. Really? Is risking your life and that of other people to reply to a message or check a notification genuinely worth it to you? Alright, lecture over, and onto why you’re actually here.

As with the majority of legislation around driving, the answer to this question varies from state to state. Lucky for you, we’ve broken it down alphabetically, so you can find out right now how big of a fine you’d hypothetically be looking at.

Fines for Distracted Driving, A-Z

A: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas

Though it might start small at $25, the cost for texting and driving as a primary offense in Alabama increases for subsequent offenses.

In Alaska, texting and driving leads to a serious penalty, at a maximum of $10,000 and a year in prison.

Unless you’re using hands-free, it’s illegal to text and drive in Arizona, and your first fine will cost you between $75 and $149, with subsequent violations increasing to $150-250.

And to round off the ‘A’s’, we have Arkansas, where using your cell phone while you drive nets you a fine of up to $100.

C: California, Colorado, Connecticut 

For a state that’s literally abuzz with technology, California’s texting and driving fine is surprisingly low, at $25, but can increase to $50 if you’re caught for a second time.

In Colorado, however, your first offense is a $50 fine, which will then double if you repeat the offense.

Should you get caught texting and driving by police in Connecticut, it will cost you anywhere up to $125 in fines.

D: Delaware

Texting and driving in Delaware costs you $50 your first time, and could see a hefty increase if you commit the offense again.

F: Florida

For some bizarre reason, you can only be charged with texting and driving in Florida if you’ve simultaneously been caught committing another violation.

If you are seen, though, you’ll receive a $30 fine.

G: Georgia

Texting and driving is taken very seriously in Georgia, where not only will you be fined up to $150 for your offense, but you’ll also take the hit of one point on your license as a result.

H: Hawaii

Despite being one of the most chill places on Earth, Hawaii is deadly serious about texting and driving, with the standard first offense fine set at a hefty $297!

I: Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa

You’re looking at up to $85 in fines if you text and drive in Idaho, whilst those who T&D in Illinois could be charged ten dollars less, at $75.

Home of everyone’s fake city, Pawnee, Indiana considers distracted driving a considerable offense, and you could be looking at $500 in fines. Leslie Knope would be proud! 

In Iowa, they do things a little differently. If no damage is caused, you’ll be charged $30, but should your foolishness cause an accident or full-blown crash, it could go all the way up to $1,000.

K: Kansas, Kentucky

Both Kansas and Kentucky have fairly low fines when it comes to distracted driving, with the former at a maximum of $60 and the latter only charging $25.

L: Louisiana

For the first offense of texting while you drive in Louisiana, you’re looking at at least $175, and more if you repeat the crime.

M: Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana

Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and Mississippi residents are all looking at a fine of up to $100, though it could potentially increase for subsequent offenses.

In Minnesota, however, they’ve increased their fines for texting and driving in recent years, and it could cost around $225, even for a first timer.

If you’re wondering why there’s no link to Montana’s legislation, that would be because they don’t actually have any laws in place against texting and driving. That should definitely change!

N: Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota

Significant punishment is issued for texting and driving in Nebraska, where you could be charged up to $200 and see an additional three points added to your license.

Though it increases if you commit the crime a second time, Nevada law enforcement will fine you up to $50.

New Hampshire is a straightforward $100 fine, whilst in New Jersey you could take a hit of up to $400!

New Mexico only introduced their fines in 2014, but the cost of a first offense is $25 and higher the next time (not that there should be a next time!)

As an especially busy state, New York is serious about texting and driving, and you could be looking at $200 for your first fine.

Both North Carolina and North Dakota issue a blanket fine of $100 when it comes to being on your phone while you drive.

O: Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon

Only under 18’s are fined in Ohio, and if you happen to be one of the unlucky ones, not only will you be charged up to $150, but they could suspend your license for half a year!

Risking a license suspension or total driving ban, you’ll also be fined up to $100 for driving distracted in Oklahoma.

One of the highest fines on our list, texting at the wheel will cost you a huge $500 when you do it in Oregon.

P: Pennsylvania

A first offense costs you $50 in Pennsylvania.

R: Rhode Island

You’ll be charged $85 if you text and drive in Rhode Island.

S: South Dakota 

Unlike its northern counterpart, South Dakota charges only $25 for texting when you drive.

T: Tennessee, Texas

Texting and driving in Tennessee will cost you $50, and more in court fees!

Whilst a hundred cities have their own individual laws, Texas doesn’t currently have a statewide ban on texting while driving.

U: Utah

With the second-highest fine for distracted driving in the whole USA, Utah residents can face jail time, as well as $750 to pay.

V: Vermont, Virginia

First-time offenses are $100 in Vermont, whilst Virginia only considers it a secondary offense, so you must also be hit with another violation, but if it is, you’ll need to stump up $125.

W: Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Strangely precise, the fine in Washington is a random $124, whilst in West Virginia, you’re looking at $100. 

Wisconsin residents are looking at a humongous $400 for texting and driving and last but not least, you’ll have to pay up to $75 if you’re caught in Wyoming.


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