How Much To Expect From Car Accident Settlement

We can’t imagine anything worse than being severely injured from a car accident that wasn’t your fault and not knowing how much you’ll be compensated for your injuries and distress. We’ve written this article to give you a clearer idea of how much you can expect from a car accident settlement.

There is no average amount for a car accident settlement, they are each based upon the expenses and implications you have faced as a result of your accident. 

Working with a personal injury lawyer on more serious cases is a good idea to make the process more seamless and less distressing, you will be more likely to receive a great sum of compensation hiring a professional who knows how to handle everything, whilst you can focus on getting better.

However, your personal injury lawyer will take a percentage of your compensation based upon your agreement and any extra costs incurred during the process.

How much to expect from car accident settlement

If the car accident you were involved in was caused by someone else, their insurance company will compensate you for any injuries or damage to your car, however, that sum may be a lot less than you think and you may want to go down the legal route in order to get a good settlement. 

The average driver’s insurance will cover most minor personal injury medical expenses, however, if it was a major car accident and the injuries are a lot more serious than you may feel entitled to open a personal injury lawsuit against an individual.

On average, the payout for minor injuries such as whiplash or soft tissue damage is between $10,000 and $20,000. More serious injuries ranging from spinal injuries, to brain injuries and even extremely serious debilitating injuries can range up to millions of dollars.

Insurance policies do have limits however, so may only be able to pay a portion of the settlement required. You will then have to sue the liable individual directly to recover the remaining settlement cost.

There are numerous factors which will impact how much you can get from a car accident settlement. 

Getting a good lawyer

If you attempt to handle the insurance on your own, the insurance company of the responsible party will often offer a low settlement, as it is their job to make money for their company.

This settlement may not be a substantial amount and may not even cover any medical bills or damages. Once you have accepted the settlement, you cannot go back, so it’s important to seek legal advice to make sure everything is done correctly.

Having a good lawyer will help you get a good settlement from an insurance company. They will do everything required on your behalf to achieve a fair settlement. 

The severity of your injuries

Very serious injuries will result in a bigger outcome in your settlement. They’ll require more medical treatment, resulting in lots of bills and may even lead to you having time off work to recover. You may need to have some adjustments made to your home so it is more accessible for you to live in with serious injuries. E.g. stairlifts or medical beds.

On average, a lawyer will calculate your expenses from medical bills, car damages and also lost wages and multiply it by a number between 1 and 5 depending on how severe your injuries are. 

For example, let’s say as a result of a car accident you have a $30,000 medical bill for treatment you received for injuries you sustained in an accident caused by someone else and you have to take at least 3 months off work losing around an average of $15,000 in wages.

You could be looking at receiving a minimum of $45,000 in compensation and up to $225,000, depending on how serious your injuries are and how they will affect your life from now on. 

How the accident has affected your daily life

Continuing on from the information above, if your injuries have disrupted your everyday life, you may be entitled to a higher sum. From anything such as never being able to walk or drive again or not being able to be intimate with a partner.

You are eligible for further compensation if you cannot participate in your hobbies anymore, therefore you will have a severe decrease in the levels of enjoyment in your life.

Insurance policies

There may be many sources of liability involved in just one case. If you are involved in a car accident caused by a drunk-driver, there may be more than one liable party involved. If the driver who was drunk was served by someone at a bar or restaurant before getting in the car, the company can then become liable as it is illegal to sell alcohol to someone who is exhibiting signs of being drunk.

Age and health of you at the time of the accident

On average, those who are older and in the midst of their career will get a higher payout than those who are younger and just starting out in their career. This is because those who are in the middle of their career will have a higher average income and have a greater financial loss due to income lost and future earnings as a result of injuries.

Nevertheless, this is subject to debate depending on the severity of individuals injuries.

Cost for the liable party

The insurance company of the liable party may come to realise that they will not be winning the case if they try to defend the liable individual in court. The company may just pay out in order to save time and avoid paying for extra legal fees.

This may be beneficial for some cases as they may pay out a larger sum than expected. However, if this is a big case involving big costs due to injuries, your lawyer will advise to go ahead with court proceedings in order to get the maximum settlement.

It’s important to stay patient throughout this whole process and not make hasty decisions out of desperation for a pay out. Most serious offers of settlement are made by insurance companies after trial has begun.


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