How To Get The Most Money From A Car Accident

Car accidents can be pretty traumatic, even if no injuries are sustained from them. At worst, they can be lethal, taking the lives of many, at best you can escape without a scratch on yourself or your vehicle. Of course, if we ever hear of a car accident, we always hope for the latter!

However, sadly that is not always the case. Sometimes injuries are sustained, the damage is done, and tragedy does ensue.

This can mean that you are off work for some time thanks to your injuries or trauma. In turn, you can rack up huge medical bills for any treatment you or your family may need.

Even if you do not get physically hurt, the fact that you have witnessed or experienced this life-changing event has the ability to severely affect your financial situation for the foreseeable future.

For example, you may be out of work for some time due to your injuries, or may never be able to do your current job again, spending on the severity of them. 

Luckily, there is some light at the end of the tunnel if you have been involved in a car accident and have been left unable to work. There is a chance that you can get some money from a car accident settlement. 

However, in order to get the full car accident settlement possible, you must ensure some steps are taken.

Not many people are aware of the ways you can boost the amount of money you receive from a car accident, and of course, if it ever does happen, it’s unlikely you will grab your phone or computer and start searching the internet for what you should do! 

That’s why we want to let you know now all the important steps you can take to ensure you get what you deserve and to tell you how to get the most money from a car accident.

We have decided to divide these steps up equally, explaining each on its own in a list. This will make it easier for you to understand as well as letting you read the parts that apply to you. 

1. Ensure you stay at the scene

Whilst your innermost instincts might be telling you to flee to the comfort of your home after an accident, that is actually the worst thing you can do.

It can damage your chances of receiving any sort of payout, not to mention it may even be classed as a criminal act. In any accident, even if no one is hurt, you should stay at the scene to wait for emergency services or the police.

2. Call the emergency services 

Talking of emergency services, it is super important that they are called, even if the injuries sustained are not that bad on the surface. Damage can be done that isn’t visible to the untrained person.

As well as this, the police also need to be called and you should file a report with them. Doing this immediately will improve your chances of winning a case and getting a payout. When you do this you should ensure that you do not admit fault and do not blame others. 

3. Get the information of everybody involved

It is important that you take all of the information of everyone involved in the car accident, including their insurance details, name, and contact details.

At this point, it may also be beneficial to start noting down your own perspective on it, perhaps on your phone if you can. If you can and it is safe to, you could also take photographs and videos of the scene which may come in handy later on. 

4. Chat to witnesses to gain all evidence possible 

If any immediate witnesses and helpers are at the scene, chat to them in order to gain as much evidence as possible, and encourage them to make note of it and chat with the police.

You should also look around for any surveillance cameras that may have caught the accident happening. Shops may have them, as well as other houses so it is worth making note of all the possible places to ask at a later date. 

5. Seek medical treatment or advice and keep a record of this

After an accident has occurred, it is always a good idea to seek medical treatment. This is the case even if you do not feel like you have been injured at all. Some injuries do not occur right away and may not be able to be seen just from looking.

It goes without saying that if you have visible and serious injuries then you should seek advice as a matter of emergency. Any form of treatment and advice you get should be recorded and you should ask for evidence of it from the practitioner.

The longer you wait until seeking medical advice, the worse it will be for your legal case. If you do not present symptoms for weeks, you may not think you need to go to the hospital, and they may not be able to prove it was from the car accident. 

6. Report the incident to your insurer

You should report the accident to your car insurance provider as soon as you possibly can, but only after filing a police report, gathering evidence, and seeking medical attention.

Tell them what happened as objectively as you possibly can, making sure they get a clear understanding of it without emotion from you. It may even be worth getting a lawyer before you do this, however, this would mean finding a lawyer quickly. 

7. Hire a lawyer 

Get money from the car accident you should definitely get a personal injury attorney. This will give you the best possible chance of getting the most money possible.

You will be in the hands of a professional who will be able to guide you through everything and give you advice that will benefit you the most. 

8. Ensure you attend all appointments and keep the records of any treatment you receive related to the accident as well as any other expenses 

You should keep written records of all appointments and treatments you have to receive and attend following the accident that is related to the accident.

Any expenses that arise, be they medical or mechanical, should be recorded in full, with as much evidence as possible to back them up. For example, a letter from your healthcare provider and receipts of payment would all help the case. 

9. Do not discuss the incident online or with anyone in person

It is super important that you do not share details of what happened on any of your social media sites. You may think that it is harmless and just a way of keeping your loved ones up to date on how you are doing but it can severely hinder your case.

Even posts that are not related to the accident can potentially damage the case. If possible, take a social media detox break and stay offline until the case is solved.

10. Always discuss with your lawyer before taking any next steps

The last step is an important one. We have already mentioned the importance of getting a personal injury lawyer. We cannot stress enough how important it is that you listen to their advice and take heed. 

We recommend speaking to them before any steps regarding the case are taken. Before you speak to anyone else (such as insurance companies, the police for follow-up questions, the other parties involved, and more), you should seek the advice of your attorney first.

They will ensure that you do not say anything that could potentially jeopardize your case. 

Final Verdict 

We hope that this article has proved useful and that you now feel confident about how to get the most money from a car accident.

Take note of all these steps now so that if you do sadly become involved in an accident, you will know exactly what to do. 


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